"Protecting God's Children" is for all employees and volunteers of the Diocese of Covington who in any way provide a safe environment for children.  It is a policy of the Diocese that anyone who drives or chaperones children on a school or parish field trip or event, volunteers in the classroom, serves as a coach, or comes in contact in a volunteer role with our children in any way, MUST complete the Virtus Training Program "Protecting God's Children." Each individual must also have on file in the School Office a signed "Acceptance Form - Policies and Procedures for Addressing Sexual Misconduct."  Participants must also undergo a criminal background check. 

Virtus accounts are released when the annual Acceptance and Volunteer Application form for the background check have been fully processed and the live training class is completed. Participants are required to review a monthly training bulletin.

For training information, password reset, or any other questions about Virtus contact Marianne Twehues mtwehues@stspp.com