Donate your Treasure

Amazon Smile Program

When you shop at Amazon, they will donate a portion of your purchase to Sts. Peter & Paul School. Simply sign in with your Amazon account through Amazon Smile, choose Sts. Peter and Paul Church (make sure it’s Sts. Peter and Paul Church California, Kentucky) and start shopping.


Scrips Gift Card Program

Scrips offers a variety of gift cards for area restaurants, department stores, grocery stores and discount centers, gas stations, entertainment complexes, etc. Each merchant donates a percentage of sales back to the organization. Order forms are sent home regularly and are also available in the School Office. Scrips cards are also available in the School Office, which generally stocks a wide variety of cards. Walk-ins are welcome during School hours from 8:15 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. Visit Scrips for a full lists all cards available. The School also offers a generic “Sts. Peter and Paul Gift Card” which may be purchased for any amount in increments of $5. This card may be exchanged for an equal amount of any of the Scrips gift cards by the recipient.


Kroger Community Rewards Program

The Kroger Company has launched a new rewards program just by registering your Kroger Plus card and using it when you shop. By registering your card online, Sts. Peter and Paul School earns money each time you scan your Plus Card at the register. You can still use the Kroger gift cards purchased through Scrips, but you don’t have to continually reload those cards.

Use non-profit number: 80158



Collecting and redeeming Boxtops points are used for catalog purchases of art and recess equipment. BoxTops are redeemed for a cash rebate. Just turn in to the school office.

Simply cut out the small “BoxTops” symbol on specially marked products or visit BoxTops for Education.


California Marketplace Receipts

California Marketplace grocery store, located on the AA Highway & Ivor Road, in California, Ky refunds a percentage of the register receipts to Sts. Peter & Paul School. Receipts may be placed in the basket inside the church entrance, or sent to the school office. Proceeds from redemption of these receipts are deposited in the School’s Financial Aid Fund.


Pizza & Hoagie Sale

Everyone loves pizza and hoagies so why not purchase through school!?

A percentage of the sales benefit the school. Look for the sales throughout the year either by students, school office, or in the back of church after weekend masses. Contact the school office for more information.


Printer Cartridge Recycling Program

Just drop off your old cartridges to the school office where they will be boxed and sent to be recycled and in exchange the school gets the funds. Contact the school office with any questions.

Drop off cartridges at the school office.