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School History (1957 - Present)

Present Day Sts. Peter & Paul School
In 1957, the first phase of our present school was built and dedicated under the leadership of Father Terhar.  It had 3 classrooms, a cafeteria and 2 restrooms.  There were plans for a gym, but not enough money was available at that time.  8 grades were taught in 3 classrooms.  The school now had a cafeteria to serve warm lunches.   The students no longer had to pack their lunch each day.

Enrollment continued to increase.  During the late 1960's, the first grade was dropped from the school due to overcrowding of the students in the 3 classrooms.  The first grade students had to attend the publilc schools.  This continued until 1972.

The Sisters of Notre Dame served 1956 to June 1972.  They were the last congregation of Sisters to teach at our school.  Sister Mary Immaculate Becker C.D.P. joined us as a paid principal in 1984 - 1986.

The Sisters of Notre Dame informed the parish that beginning with the school year 1972, they would no longer be able to teach at Sts. Peter & Paul.  The Diocesan Board of Education also had decided that the school should be closed.  One reason for this was that the diocese thought that lay teachers would not be willing to drive the distance.

The parents disagreed with this decision and won.  The school stayed, functioning as a private school within the Diocese of Covington.  Mr. Bill Hipple was the first lay principal.  Also hired were Pam Steltenkamp and Mary Gerhardstein.  Our cafeteria manager was obtained from the parish, Dianne Geisel, who has remained in this capacity to the present day.  She started working at Sts. Peter & Paul in 1969!  We are grateful for her 36+ years of dedicated service to the parish school.
In the early 1980's, the school enrollment dropped to 38 students.  Again the Diocesan Board of Education directed the school to be closed.  Being of stubborn German blood, the parents again put up a strong argument along with the Pastor, Father Shockey and the school remained open.

By 1990, the enrollment had grown to the point where 2 additional classrooms had to be added.  In addition, a partition was placed in the middle of the original "big" room (where the older students were taught).  It was converted into a library and an office.  The cost of this addition was $80,000.  The debt was rapidly paid off.  There were 4 classrooms, with 4 teachers for the 8 grades.  Miss Kathleen Handley-Hoppenjans, who drove from Ohio each school day for 8 years, was the principal at this time, as well as being one of the 4 teachers.  We are grateful for her strong committment to the Catholic education of our youth.

During 1992, under the direction of Father Boschert, a new room addition was built.  It was used as a classroom at first and then it was turned into the present day school office.  Also in 1992, Mr. Harry Luebbers was hired as principal of the school.
During the 1990's, the school enrollment continued to increase.  In 1996, Father Boschert led the parish through an extensive building project--4 classrooms, a modern kitchen, a social center/gym, 2 bathrooms and locker rooms.  Teachers were added annually as the enrollment demanded.  The office was moved to the front area of the school.  The former cafeteria was remodeled into a library.  The "big" room once again became the classroom for the eighth grade.  Now there were 8 classrooms for the 8 grades.  The graduating class of 2000, with 10 students, was the last of the multiple grades in one room.  Volunteer work and a successful pledge drive returned the parish debt free within 2 years.

In 2002-2003, 4 more classrooms were added to accomodate a Kindergarten and 2 first grade rooms.  In the school year 2003-2004, there was a student body of 207 students for the K-8th grade levels.

"Established in the 19th century, Sts. Peter and Paul School continues to echo the message of Jesus to the children of the 21st century."       ---Mr. Harry Luebbers